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HH PCs for Pensioners

HH PCs for Pensioners

I'm sure a number of companies/people in the Hockley Heath area have an old PC sitting somewhere, unloved and neglected. Probably because it wasn't powerful enough for today's modern software tools, or maybe it just 'stopped working'. I (a resident of Hockley Heath) am offering to take any old PC, and if fixable, will then donate it free of charge to any deserving cause - perhaps a Pensioner who would like to start using the Internet to contact friends and family? These old systems are unlikely to be able to run your grandchild's latest whizz-bang computer games, but emails can easily be done, and even letters written. I could suggest a dial up link, but these are so slow these days (and expensive if used several times a day), but with Broadband costing less than £15 a month, this might open up a whole new world. If anyone is interested in either giving or receiving a free PC, please contact me using the form below.

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